Tuesday, December 9, 2008

August 27, 2008

All is going well on this front! I am happy to announce that after speaking with Sweetheart- I have found that she is not a mean or malicious horse (I knew this already, but try to get my mom to understand this!) Her lack of forward motion comes from a learned behavior from a past owner, and from the western pleasure training that Alyssa was trying with her. Sweetheart is just not a western horse... at least a western pleasure one!

Sweetheart has been pushing herself in the past week in ways that I dont think I have ever seen another horse attempt! From the time I mount until the time I dismount she is wanting to move forward, and although some of these new behaviors I find unacceptable (walking off while I'm mounting her) I am choosing my battles. Once the true issue is resolved, I can go back and touch up on some of these not-so-pleasant behaviors.

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