Sunday, December 14, 2008

40+ Degree day in .... DECEMBER?

Today I went to let REO outside and realized how WARM it was out!!! I was expecting the normal arctic freeze but this was not the case! Jen and I played out at the barn this morning with Kenya and we had a blast- I rode Theysa, Jen rode Sweetheart! I trust Jen's advanced knowledge of Dressage. It was great to hear that Sweetheart is on the correct path towards training level! I learned that I do not push Sweetheart's boundaries enough- but now that I have a second party on the ground watching my mannerisms while riding her- I can improve and change them! I have never had such a challenging mare to work with, and although she definately loves to push my buttons- she is also one of the best horses I have worked with!

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kenya Benitez said...

I watched you both ride and I so desperately want to be able to ride Theysa like you and Ann do.!!!!!!!!!!!!!