Saturday, December 13, 2008

What an awesome winter day!

I feed my horses and turn them out every saturday. These days are also the days that I work with Theysa while Kenya watches, and asks questions. Today however, was a bit different as I arrived at the barn a bit later in the morning than usual (8:30) because I gave the horses the day off due to a farrier appt.

Theysa had a farrier appointment with Katie Gibbs- LOVE HER!!!!!! =) Remember- Theysa is an Icelandic Horse- I call her the fluffy princess fraggle... lol Once I get a head shot of her, everyone will see why! anyways- Traditional Icelandic farriers shoe these horses ALOT differently than our farriers that trim quarter horses, etc. So, we were appropriately worried about Theysa's change in gait after her shoes we reset.

Katie came out to take a look at Theysa's feet- and GUESS WHAT! one of the nails were just a bit to close and was irritating her foot! Once the nail came out Theysa went back to her high energy high stepping ways! I cannot wait to work with her tomorrow!

Cowboy also got his feet trimmed today, so I might ride him, sweetheart, chloe, and theysa tomorrow. Then I'm off to spend a few hours touring the horse stables around here with my best horse friend, Jen =)

Monday I should be recieving a phone call- and OMG I don't think that I have ever wished for the weekend to be over!

Until Tomorrow,

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