Monday, December 29, 2008

Better Time Management- new years resolution

I have not had an outrageously crazy weekend like the previous weekend, yet I have not been able to sit down to take the time and document what has been going on in my day to day activities!

Saturday I spent the morning with am chores and then started on the training horses. I spent the most time with Theysa and we worked the most with keeping her on the outside rein and she tends to keep on the inside, allowing her to come off the rail and change directions.

Sweetheart continues to improve under saddle each time we work! By the time I worked with Theysa and moved onto Sweetheart I was left with 30 of riding time. So, instead of getting into a fight with her I spent that time asking her to give at the bit, bend & flex, and stopping balanced and square. Yes, she fought it at first but quickly realized that she didnt have to fight it and was moving out real nice!

Later on in the eveningI had a feeling that I just cannot describe, but I needed to stop at the barn and low and behold, our 28 yr old shetland pony mare, granny was down in her stall,cast. Talk about a high stress situation! Nobody was home, so I ended up knocking on a neighbors door to come help me. about 45 minutes later we were able to get her back up!

Since then, she has been doing really good, no inceidents since!

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