Thursday, January 1, 2009

Granny Down Again Today

So poor Granny hasnt been doing so well lately...
last week she cast herself in her stall- today she was fine while i was out at the barn working- i come home, take a shower- and see that Vicki, the owner of the farm has called- i call her back and Granny was down in the pasture. She had apparently layed down AGAIN too close to the pasture fence and couldnt get back up again. She was sitting up but just could not get her legs underneath her!

So I ran back to the barn and with the help of Vicki, Tina, and Alyssa we were able to get her up and walking back into the stall.

I am trying SOOOO hard to rehabiliatate this pony and it seems that despite my efforts, her health continues to decline. I am hopeful, however because I believe that when she cast last week she injured her left hock, which is causing her to have difficulties standing up.

Will be administering a small dose of bute and pergolide and will cross our fingers that she improves!

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