Saturday, January 3, 2009

In this case- No news is GOOD news!

I spoke with Dr. Borzinski at WI Equine today about Granny's incidents the past few days. We are giving her bute and have ordered her pergolide so we are crossing our fingers that this will be her turning point back into good health. There has not been any new accidents since Tuesday... No frantic phone calls from the barn... EVEN BETTER!

On another note, Sweetheart is coming along nicely. Yes- she IS A MARE... lol but she is REALLY trying and since this alone is a 110% improvement, you will not hear me complain!

She still gets frustrated when she does not understand what I am asking her for- she is like Cowboy as she over compensates... WITH HER MIND! if she is confused, she starts guessing and then gets upset if her guess is not the right one.

That said, I am looking for dressage shows in the area to take her to just get her out and about. would only be showing intro- nice and steady, steady and slow! =)

For those that are not following my mustang challenge blog, I am picking up my mustang on Jan 9th. The countdown begins!

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