Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wonderful Arctic Weather

I just re turned home from an evening at the FREEZING BARN. The roads were HORRIBLE! ok- to give the county credit, you could tell that a plow had been on that road recently, but the 35+ mph wind make the snow drift onto the road. talk about nasty!!!! The horses were inside all day today and their stalls were really clean-telling me that the were also cold and didnt move around in their stalls like they usually do. Their waters were frozen... grrr I wish that we had our own place that we could fix up and put insulated or heated water buckets up in the stalls without worrying about fires!I digress.... lol

I created a special blog just to keep track of my daily activities and lessons with my makeover mustang when I get it in January. I have since learned that I know 3 trainers that are participating, but am sure that there are many more yet to be known =)

I helped alyssa with pm chores and then stopped at my moms to take care of her charlie brown tree and the dog. We snuck her inside the house because it was sooooooo cold and windy by her house. lol we will have to move her tomorrow morning into the garage instead so my mom and jason dont get

Tomorrow I will be working with Theysa if the weather lightens up a bit Its my small gift to her mom for christmas =) working her a bit more than she expected.

Until next time...

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