Tuesday, January 6, 2009

DRAMATIC turning point!

My morning started all right... I dropped the girls off at the sitters, made it to work, and all was wll until I recieved a phone call from my sister in law and my mom that Granny was down, yet again =(. This time, however she had been down the longest!

We met at the barn and were able to get her standing again and eating her breakfast. However, she urinated and it was BROWN! I tried to keep my cool, however it was very DIFFICULT!

Poor granny was thrashing so bad that she spilt her water into the isleway which was frozen when we got there, there was blood in her water- because she had banged her mouth on the wall, her eye is swollen- not sure from having shavings in her eye, or if she had banged it on something...

So we made a HUGE decision and moved her to Equi-Spa of Bristol, where they are more than equipped and staffed to give granny the 24/7 care she requires.

Granny immediately went from almost anemic looking to her perky self within 10 minutes in their radiant heated barn, she spent 15 mins in the spa, where she enjoyed it so much she took a NAP! and then was walking around the barn and checking the place out.

It was definately great to see her enjoying her "vacation" at the spa =)

I recently spoke with Dr. Borzinski of WI Equine and she confirmed my suspicions that she was down for a long period of time because the dark urine is a sign of excessive myoglobins in her urine- these are HORRIBLE to have in the urine as it can do damage to her kidneys, and are a sign that there was some muscle damage from her being down for a long period of time.

However, with fluids in her system helping to flush these out and with us admin previcox instead of phenylbutazone she should hopefully not have any ill effects on her kidneys in the long term.

I will keep everyone updated, and will post pictures of granny in her spa soon =)

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