Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tired, Cold, yet Horse Slap Happy =)

January 17, 2009
Today I got myself up at 7 and made it out to GP's and did am chores on my horses and then rode Theysa.We had a great ride and poor Theysa was nice and sweaty afterwards =) This "heat wave" of 10 above had me all ready to work. Spent 5... FIVE hours over at Mistee Oaks trying to move the roundpen into the arena to work with Sierra to no avail so i just worked her in the indoor arena.

after that we made it BACK to GP's to bring in the horses and feed them their pm food and realized that their water trough was frozen solid! the heater wasnt working!

Granny has been at a stand still now for about a week. She has been on 1/2 g 2x's daily and it's helping, she is able to get her feet underneath her now and kick out but still cannot get up fully on her own, and it's sad to watch. I am still waiting for the farrier, Katie to call me so that she can come out and trim her feet because I think that might be part of the problem also her feet are super long, she is about 3 weeks overdue for a trim- because its been about 4 weeks since she has had the hock problems and when she cast herself in her stall.

I am now able to just go to Equispa at 11 pm every day to get her up instead of at 11 and 4 so thats always nice =)

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