Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am fed up with negative people

I have had some great and positive changes in my life recently. I am working on upgrading and then opening a training facility in Bristol and I have training horses lined up beginning in March.

I'm working on gentling and training a mustang for the mustang challenge

and then i'm pulled down into the real world, where people have to talk trash about others, and like to spread rumors because they want attention and dont care that what they say messes with someone's CAREER and LIFE.

This seems to happen to me over and over again my entire life- My business starts to grow and then it wilts...

I just love the idea of the challenge because then i can PROVE to everyone who has doubted me...

For those that have doubted me all this time-

"Someday you are going to need my help, and your not getting it"


backattheranch said...

I signed up on your blog and I am excited to follow your trail on the Mustang Challange! Great blog site.

chicosmamma said...

hang in there hun it will get better!!!!

Rising Rainbow said...

If what you're doing makes you happy and you think you're on the right track, don't be worrying about what others say. Sooner or later you'll get where you're going and you'll be stronger because of the journey.

You can't ever stop others from doing what they do anyway. The only one you have control over is you, so if you stay on track, you'll be fine.